I decided to try out the seven day free trial of I have always been very skeptical about these trial offers, but this one turned out to be a true seven day trial with no strings attached.

The website is well organized and easy to navigate. If you search by keyword or name, you will most likely always return way too many results. It is better to search by location to narrow your results. I found that once I narrowed by location, I was able to type in a name for that specific location and the search engine seemed to do pretty well in finding the name I was looking for.

Once you open up the paper, it will highlight the word you searched for so you don't have to look through thousands of tiny words. The website was very accurate in finding the words I was looking for. The bad part was that if you want to go to page ten and you started on page one, you can't skip straight to page ten. You will have to go one by one through every page (at least I couldn't figure out how skip pages).

I do think that there needs to be more papers available. My family is from Philadelphia and I just felt like they should have had more papers to search through (especially for a big city like that). I'm sure they are adding papers daily, but that what all the archive sites claim.

The price is normally around 79.95 annually, but occassionally they have specials. I DO NOT feel that anyone wants to pay that price just to search for newspapers. It took me 4 days to research all the papers I wanted. If you were a professional genealogist, you might pay that price, but I doubt it. A hobbyist is not going to benefit from that price. They need to have a one time price or pay by download price.

*** out of ***** stars

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2 comments: is for professional genealogists only. There's only like 10 of us left that even care about history let alone old newspapers due to the big phone industry push.

Despite the big claims phones are NOT PC's and never will be but they keep trying to hoodwink the public and these companies realize that genealogy will not work on a tiny screen of a phone at least not very well.

I grew up on desktop computers back to the Commodore 64 and know how to navigate them for the most part.

Smart phones especially Android are for dumbed down users who don't want control and don't mind being controlled with bloat added.

The latest trend towards gaming is to push towards Candy Crush style only which is fine if all you have ever done is Solitaire your whole life or grew up Reader Rabbit really simple games like that but if you want software that is productive or games that make you think *Like Secrets of Monkey Island* your outta luck.

The recent Kindle games look pretty stupid and am glad I am not into them and play hidden object games on my PC which at least is a lot better then what's offered for phones.

Interestingly enough a lot of eastern Europeans are getting into desktop computers and a lot of my old 90s games and software I grew up on are showing up on YouTube but most of the comments are poor English translated or Polish itself which you cannot read.

A lot are using pirated versions of XP and 7 and are discovering they cannot play it on 64 bit computers which is actually old news from 2005 but they think it's all new and sudden.

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