Genealogy and ebay - Episode #2

As the first espisode of Genealogy and ebay mentioned, there are treasures to be found on ebay regarding your family history. The second item I recently found was a 1859-1860 Chester, PA
Borough Directory. My fourth great grandfather is listed in this directory, so it was a nice little find on ebay. I have yet to find anything directly handled by my ancestors, but I still have several searches saved on ebay and will continue to monitor them. I usually find very old cdv photos of peoples families on ebay. Many of these photos go unsold because many do not think to look on ebay for these types of items.
After opening this book there was a note written by a Samuel Nuttall. In the note he wrote that no one was to steal this book. If they stole the book and they died, God would ask them where the book was. If they did not know where the book was the Lord was going to send them down below (hell). Seems pretty harsh for a city directory.


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