3 Shot by Negro at Cape Charles

Police Sergeant Taylor's wounds Critical - Sailors Guard Town
Special to the Washington Post

Cape Charles, VA., Nov 29, [1918] - James Nottingham, aged 29, was shot through the groin, and Artis Scott, aged 21, was shot through the leg at a negro dance hall here last night. Nottingham's condition is serious. Both are colored mess attendants at the Cherrystone Naval Base. Nottingham's home is in Norfolk, where he was taken for treatment. The shooting, which is said to have resulted over the jealousy of a woman, was done by Jerry Warren, a negro.

Early this morning a squad of sailors from the naval base, headed by Ogden Lescallette, a warrant officer from the naval base, and town police sergeant, James Taylor, started in search of Warren. While the sailors stood on guard the officers entered a house in the negro settlement which was known as the negro's rendezvous. As Sergt. Taylor entered a room Warren opened fire. Taylor was shot through the arm, leg and stomach, the bullet passing through his body. His conditional is critical.

As the negro was making his getaway Officer Lescallette shot the gun from his hand. Picking up the weapon the negro fled. Although sailors pursued, firing as they ran, he succeeded in escaping. As the negro is believed to be in hiding here the town is being guarded by a cordon of sailors and marines. Sergt. Taylor has done police duty in this town for fifteen years, and is well known on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Officer Lescallette is a native of Crisfield, Md.

Source: The Washington Post (1877-1922); Nov 30, 1918; ProQuest Historical Newspapers The Washington Post (1877-1993) pg. 3

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