Will of Newman W. Blackburn - 1771

Will of Newman (x) Blackburn who is sick. 18 Dec. 1771. Wife Elizabeth gets home plantation, negro wench Doll, negro boy Micajah. Son Younger Blackburn gets negro Sam. Son John Blackburn gets negro boy Oliver. SOn Reuben Blackburn gets negro boy Charles. Daughter Mary Blackburn gets negro girl Little Frank. Child in being [not yet born]. Exrs: son, Younger Blackburn; Gray Bynum. Wit: James Harrison, Anthony Hampton. Younger Blackburn and Gray Bynum qualified. [Note: The names of Younger, Ambrose, and Augustine Blackburn appear on the 1772 Surry tax list.]

Source: Surry County, North Carolina, wills, 1771-1827: annotated genealogical abstracts


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