How to Create a Family History/Genealogy Book

At some point in the process of researching your family history, you might have wondered how hard it is to create a book to pass down to your kids. This idea is on my to do list, but I think I still want to compile some more information. Once you have visited the site and historical societies where your ancestors lived, you might have enough information to begin a book. There are four ways I recommend going about this:

1. Use Family Tree Maker software. This software has a function that allows you to create a book. You can write your own thoughts, insert pictures and create chart and pedigrees to add to the book. Once you are done, you can make a PDF file to send off to a printing company.

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2. Unibind makes a nice product that allows you to create a book at home. If you want a quality product, I recommend you have a nice printer at home. If all you want is a simple book, then this option is even easier. Unibind has photo paper, hard book covers (with front cover openings), and a bind molder package. Click here to see the product. You can add text and more to the photos you add. If you are resourceful and creative, you can add charts and other info for a nice home made family history book.

3. Mixbook is similar to Unibind, but leave less for you to do. This option will not be as personalized and detailed, but not all of us want an exquisite book that has it's own ISBN number. You will upload pictures and the will do the rest. You will be able to add text. 

4. Use a professional publishing company. Create your book by adding all your photos and charts using Microsoft Word and then sent it in to the publishing company of your choice. This should be the most expensive, but it will turn out great and last a long time. It will have it's own ISBN.

5. RootsMagic Personal Historian is an organized and user friendly software program that will help you create a family book in a baby step fashion. 


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