Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Sweeny Honor Guests at Special Anniversary Dinner - 1933

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Sweeny Honor Guests at Special Anniversary Dinner

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Sweeny, of 217 West Fifth street, celebrated the sixty-eighth anniversary of their wedding last Sunday. The couple made no special arrangements for the observance of the event, but in the afternoon one of their sons, William B. Sweeny, of Wilmington, Del., motored to their home and invited them to accompany him to his home where a dinner in honor of the event was served with a number of relatives as the guests.

Besides Mr. and Mrs. Sweeny, at whose home the dinner was served, others present were, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Becker and their daughter, Miss Hester Becker; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Sweeny and son, Samuel, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sweeny and son, Robert, Jr., and daughter, Mildred, and Charles Sweeny and Miss Dorothy Cloud.

When seen at their home today both Mr. and Mrs. Sweeny, despite their ages of 92 and 87 respectively, appeared to be enjoying fairly good health with more optimism than many persons much younger.

Mr. Sweeny was born in Delaware [possibly a misprint] and come to this city as a boy. He has spent nearly all his life here with the exception of a short time when he resided with an uncle in Darby at whose death, Mr. Sweeny, then 15 years old, returned to Chester.

When the Civil War broke out he enlisted and during the conflict served three enlistments. He has a copy of his discharge papers framed in his home which he prizes very highly.

He was employed by the Delaware County Trust Company for a period of 45 years and it was only when the trust company and the trust department of the Delaware County National Bank merged a short time ago that Mr. Sweeny retired from active service. During the connection with the banking institution he made many friends among residents form all sections of the county.

Mrs. Sweeny, five years her husband's junior, was born in this city. She said today that she has lived her entire life only a short distance from where she was born. She, as well as Mr. Sweeny knows considerable of the early history of the city. In speaking of Chester, Mrs. Sweeny told of the number of changes she has seen.

For a number of years she lived with her parents in a stone house on Edgemont avenue, near Second Street. She also told of spending many afternoons of her girlhood days swimming in Chester creek and of a girlfriend by the name of Wheater, who lived as a neighbor, who swam with her. While discussing this form of pleasure she said, "I can often see myself and the Wheaton girl swimming in that creek."

Both Mr. and Mrs. Sweeny continue to be quite active, despite their years. Mrs. Sweeny does a large portion of her housework, and also sews. Mr. Sweeny jeeps abreast of the times through reading the newspapers and through personal contact with his host of friends he meets on his daily walks through the business section of the city and the vicinity of his home.

Source: Chester Times


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