Charley Sweeny called Cities Youngest Old Man

  50 YEARS AGO - There are in Chester a number of men in older years, but according to his friends, Charles Sweeny, veteran employee of the Delaware County Trust Company, is the youngest old man in Chester. 
  Mr. Sweeny on Monday last observed his eighty-second birthday and the employees of the bank presented him with two beautiful baskets of flowers. 
  For thirty-eight years, patrons of the bank have been greeted at the door by the smiling face of the genial Civil War veteran. 
  Col J. A. G. Campbell, president of the bank, remarked this morning: "Charley is a remarkable old fellow. He seems to be getting younger. He has been with us for thirty-eight years and has been one of our most trusted employees. We hope to help him celebrate many more birthdays."


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