Addicted to Genealogy

What is it that draws genealogy enthusiasts to the almost endless search of their ancestors? There are many different answers, but for me it is knowing how I got where I am and maybe why my family is the way they are. Once I started, I couldn't stop. Once you solve a seemingly unsolvable mystery, you strive for the next. Then, you find two hours have passed and your wife/husband is telling you to get off the computer. Your addicted. Yes, it's better than being addicted to drugs, but it can still take a toll on a marriage, just like most addictions. Luckily, I seem to get a hunch that I am neglecting my family or might be forming some sort of blood clot in my legs (several video game enthusiasts have died from this). Hopefully, no ones marriage has been dissolved from genealogy, but today, in this society, it would no surprise me. Not much does these days. Thankfully, I am able to take breaks from searching for ancestors and a couple times a week tend to find myself getting back to the hunt. It would be interesting hear stories of the outcomes this addiction might have caused. This addiction is probably one that may not end up on the the show Intervention, but it surely can cause one to take a closer look at who and what it is affecting. True, this is not drugs, but that fact that I have a family of five, keep this website going and research my family shows the balancing act that needs to take place. 

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