Mount Zion Church Class List - Darby, PA

Church Class from the early to mid 1800's


1st Class :
Samuel Levis          Leader
Rebecca Levis
Amey Miles
Susan Boon
Elizabeth Smith
Phebe Lincoln
Elizabeth Boon
Sarah Atmore
Eliza Roe
Rebecca Lincoln
Mary Hendrickson
Eliza Fisher
John Shaw
Elizabeth Shaw
Jacob Lincoln
Eleanor Folks
Elizabeth Dunbar
Mary Atmore
Peter Berands
Sidney Shillingforth
Mary Glass
David Taylor
William Force 
Kitty Ann Sweeny (Catharine)

Class 2:
Samuel Roe          Leader
Elizabeth Fisher
Oswell Patchel
Rebecca Patchel
William Boon
Mary Fisher
Margaret Atmore
Ann Boon
Henry Highwood
Mary Ann Highwood
Mary Ann Brooks
John Hillems
Rebecca Gravel
Stena Clark
Elizabeth Roe
Abraham Sna....
Isaac Bonharn


Class 1:
John T. Porter          Leader
James Sampson


thanks. I have a signature quilt top from 1843-50 that includes at least 2 of the people listed above (Rebecca Lincoln and Rebecca Gravel

Sandra, Where did you obtain this quilt? I would be interested in seeing pictures.
Thanks :)

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