Monetize Using VigLink, AdSense, Chitika and Amazon Associates

Although this post has nothing to do with genealogy, it does have something to do with my fellow bloggers (read on). More and more bloggers are making money nowadays using a variety of means. Some are just making some extra cash, while the dedicated and patient are quitting their jobs and now blog full time. Here I want to show you three ways to make money from your blog. 

The first is called VigLink. This newer monetization company is trying to make it easier for you to make money. All you have to do is paste an html code into your site and they will turn keywords into an affiliate link. Before, you would have to single out all your keys words and link them yourself. Soon, this will work for the products you mention in your site, but for now you can use Amazon Associates. VigLink also has a referral program where if you refer a person to their program, you get a 10% cut on the profit for the first year.

Amazon Associates lets you link the products you mention in your posts. Then, when someone purchases the products, you get a cut of the price. This is what VigLink is trying to make more simple, but for the meantime, Amazon will have to do.

Another one I want to mention is famous Google AdSense. This allows you to post banners and banner links in your site. Once someone clicks on the banner or link, you've made money. The more traffic you have to your site, the better. You have to have a google account and some patience. All these can help you make money with a blog, but it can take a year or two to start seeing it payoff. Practice patience and hopefully you can start practicing working at home.

Lastly, Chitika is a location type ad where they show specific ads to certain people in their location. Please see the ad above for an example of Chitika. They also have a referral program like that of VigLink. 


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