The Father of James Simmons of Williamson County, Illinois

What are the chances that I can't find my fifth great grandfather on my mother or fathers side. I have the same predicament on both sides. Well, I have came up with recent findings about James Simmons and who his father might be. I noticed the close relationship he and his family had with families like the Maxey's, Moakes and Grimes families. Jacob Grimes seems to be the key in all of this. Jacob is the father of Phebe Grimes and Phebe is the husband of James Simmons. She is listed on Jacobs will as receiving $30.00 and a cow (see his will). 

The way I found the person who I think is James Simmons father is through a petition signed by Luke Simmons, Jacob Grimes, and Jacob Moake. See below...

11-1-1812 Petitions of citizens of Robertson County to rescind a law passed "..•at the last session of the Legislature of this State at Knoxville 1811."
The law was to levy a tax on citizens of Robertson County to build a jail in Spring- field. Reasons given for the request are: the citizens did not consent; the line between Tennessee and Kentucky was indefinite, making the location uncertain; with the government at war, and citizens should support that war." Signatures are:

Jacob Grimes,  Jacob Moake, Luke Simmons [and many others].

I found that Luke lived in Robertson County, Tennessee and that he was in the War of 1812. He was apart of the 2nd Regiment Tennessee Volunteers. This most likely makes him old enough to be James father who was born in 1811. The 2nd Regiment included men from Davidson and Robertson Counties in Tennessee. 

Next, I found land grants from the War of 1812 showing Luke received land from the War in Williamson County, IL. This must be how the family came to move to Williamson County. 

Finally, census records show that Luke and James were in Williamson County on the 1850 Illinois Census (taken in 1855). They are both showing in the same township (10). This is not definite proof, but they are definitely related in a very close way. 

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