Thomas B. Sweeny, Sr. - World War I Photograph

Company K, 53nd Infantry, Brest France, May 1919
Thomas Burton Sweeny, Sr., Brest France May 1919, The Germans agreed to a cease fire on Nov 11, 1918 & signed the Treaty of Versailes on June 28, 1919. "The War to End All Wars," was over. 


Where did this photo come from?!?!?

This photo came from Thomas Burton Sweeny, III. He is my 3rd cousin. May I ask who is asking this? Maybe shoot me an email at

thank you so much for the Sweenyfiles. If Tom Sweeny is your 3rd cosuin, I am as well; being his older sister. you can find me on facebook or email at my son is very interested in the military history of the family.

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