Family Tree of the Sweeny's of Doe in America

Mac Sweeney Doe Castle
Generation 1.  Still known as Mac Sweeny
1.       Tirlough still living in 1768 married ? …Their known children:
+2  Hugh
+3  Myles (Miles) married ?
+4 Mary (this woman lived to be 103) married abt. 1760 James Dunlevy and had children
Mary(single) , Alicia (single) **Ellen (marries her cousin Hugh Sweeny), ***Morgan (marries his cousin Margaret Sweeny), Dennis (goes to France, then US), James becomes R.C. Priest in Sligo.
Generation 2.
     +2 Hugh married Eleanor Scott ..Their children: (most of these Sweneys/Sweenys relocated to PA)
                +5 Hugh (Hugo Smoke)
                +6 Doyle
                +7 Morgan
                +8 John
                 9 Nial****
                +10 Rose
                11 Honora
                12 Nelly (sometimes Ellen, short form of Eleanor) married ? children
                + 13 Margaret  married her cousin ***Morgan Dunlevy

    +3 Miles and ? their child:
                +14  Daniel married Jane Burns (child of John Burns)

Generation 3.
+ 5 Hugh married 1790 **Ellen Dunlevy…Their children: (most of these Sweneys/Sweenys    relocated to PA)

                15. Hugh single person, died 1845 U.S. ?
                +16 Frederick-Morgan Sweeny b. Sligo 1795 died Phila., PA  1845
                17 Charles Sweeny married unknown woman died in India?  Children?
                18 Mary married Bartholomew Brennan (2 sons, one daughter)
                19 Alicia  married ? Christy (2 daughters. Mary-Ellen & Alicia)

    +6 Doyle married Elizabeth Stuart.  Their children:
                20. Elizabeth Stuart  died s.p.
                21. Elinor (Eleanor) married Edwin Myer, daughter Frances Cecilia
+22 Doyle Edward (Cpt. U.S. Army) died 1847 married Catherine Hanlon had one son & two    daughters. Names unknown at this time

  +7 Morgan married ? had a son George who married Mary Gordon, they had no children.
    +8 John married 1804 Sophia Fromberger had three daughters:  Sophia, Anna & Alicia died Phil. 1819
     9 Nial (Neil and once listed as Noel) moved to Phila but, has become an unknown.
   +10 Rose married John Gaelrick, moves to Phila.  And dies in VA  they have children
   +11 Honora married John Ormsby of Ballina, Co. Mayo children ?
   +13 Margaret married Morgan Dunlevy..Their children: James, died in France, Denis died in U.S., Owen  died in U.S., Nial Morgan died in U.S. & Mary died in infancy.
   +14 Daniel married Jane Burns..Their child:
                +23 Nicholas Major married Fanny Barclay
Generation 4.

+16 Frederick Morgan married in Phila., Rachel Ormsby (daughter of George, son of John, son of John)..Their children:
                +24 Robert Ormsby married 1864 Helen Benezet
                25 Emmett died as infant
                26 Mary Alicia married William Lowber Banning (of Wilmington) had children
                27 Kate (Katherine) married ?

+22 Doyle Edward  married Catherine Hanlon had one son & two    daughters. Names unknown at this time
+23 Nicholas Major married Fanny Barclay in their children:  (this family lived in Northumberland Co., PA)
+28 Alexander Montgomery b. 1783 Letterkenny, Donegal, moved to PA (Phila. To Milton,        Northumberland where he married in 1812)
+29  John (Sweney) b. abt 1788  Letterkenny, Donegal, moved to PA (Phila. To Milton,        Northumberland {1850 census living in Milton, Northumberland Wife Sarah ?( child Elizabeth 1821,.. 1870 census has a John of this description living in “Upland”, PA with a family of McElwees)

Generation 5

    +24 Robert Ormsby(Sweeny) married Helen Benezet, moved to Minnesota….Their children:
                30  Helen B. died in Infancy
                +31 Robert Ormsby  b. 1869 married May ? (Ohio) lived in Minnesota
+28 Alexander Montgomery (Sweney) This line maintained Sweney married 1812 in Milton, PA  Mary  Keher  d. in Illinois, Their  children:
32  Major Keher b. 1817 (born Milton, Northumberland Co, PA) married in PA Eliz. Tenbrook moved to Illinois where he died in 1898.  Their children:  Albert B b.1857, d. 1935 & John died in infancy.
+33 William Wilson b.1818 (born Milton, Northumberland Co, PA)in Illinois married Maria Freeborn , he became a doctor moved to Minnesota had son William & daughter Mary.
+34  Charles b. 1820-1899 (born Milton, Northumberland Co, PA)(relocated to Illinois & Kansas..became an attorney had children: one boy, two girls
35 Caroline b. 1823 (born Milton, Northumberland Co, PA)
                36  Frances Jane b.1825-1836 (born Milton, Northumberland Co, PA)
                37  Sarah Keher b.1827-1828 (born Milton, Northumberland Co, PA)
                38 Henry A. b. 1831-1833 (born Milton, Northumberland Co, PA)
                39  Emma b. 1836 (born Milton, Northumberland Co, PA)

Thanks to Tom Sweeny


have you been able to find out more about Rachel ormsby? i.e. when she arrived in USA, who her mother was etc - I am writing a book on the Ormsby's and the families they married into, a general history.

This is all I found,

Delaware Co Wills, 1789-1834

April 1, 1807 - May 14, 1807.
Wife Sarah to bring up small children, son John to have estate at her
death paying legacies to three sisters (names not given). Two other
boys (names not given).
Exrs: Sd. wife and John.
Wits: John ATTMORE and John MARSHALL. #278.

Due to the fact that he had a son named after his father (John) and three daughters, this could be it. I just dont know Sarah's last name. This George is somewhat mysterious.

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