Descendants of William Sweeny of Chester, PA

Chester, PA, near Philadelphia, is no longer the best area to live, but used to be a thriving city where many of my ancestors originated from.

Descendants of Anthony Chamness

Chamness Family of Williamson County, Illinois

The Death of Sergeant James Alfred Taylor

Cape Charles, Virginia police sergeant dies from a gunshot would trying to capture a killer.

John Sweeny of Lewes, Sussex, Delaware

John Sweeny could be the father of William Sweeny of Chester, PA. John's will leaves William out, but does that mean he is not his father?

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Tracking William Sweeney’s Employment

1802 Philadelphia Directory
Painter, 16 Little Water

1805 Philadelphia Directory
Painter and Tavern Keeper, 46 Cedar

1810 Philadelphia Directory
Painter, 6 Dock

1813 Philadelphia Directory
Painter, 153 Cedar

1817 Philadelphia Directory
Painter, 153 and 176 Cedar

1819 – William Sweeny born (4th great-grandfather) All the employments from before 1819 and about 15 years after would possibly be Williams dad.

1829 Philadelphia Directory
House Carpenter, 287 S. 3rd

1830 Philadelphia Directory
House Carpenter, 63 Mulberry

1840 Philadelphia Directory
Watchman, 21 Helmuth

1845 Philadelphia Directory
Shoemaker, Murray
(Williams wife, Catharine Roe, had many family members in the shoemaking business)

1850 Philadelphia Directory
Laborer, Mulberry
1855 Philadelphia Directory
Laborer, William above Salmon

1856 Philadelphia Directory
Coachmaker, Kingsessing

1859 Chester Borough Directory
Box Maker, Larkin above Edgmont

1870 Chester Borough Directory
Wheelwright, Ulrick above 3rd (his son Charles R. Sweeney is listed as a caulker at the same address)

1873 Chester Borough Directory
Coachmaker, 305 W. Third

1873 – William Sweeney dies

We know that the last four jobs on this list are actual employments of William. William’s son Charles said that they moved to Chester in about 1857. This is shown in William ceasing to be shown in the Philadelphia directory after 1856 and then moving on to the Chester Borough Directory in 1859. 

Searching for Hulda Taylor's (Bull) Grave

In response to a request to find the grave of Hulda Taylor at Mechanics Cemetery at Chincoteague Island, VA:
I searched the entire cemetery and could not find the grave
We looked at every grave, and there is no grave marked Hulda Taylor. I checked the online Chincoteague cemeteries listing, Island Bones, and she is not in the Mechanics listing. I checked there for Hulda Bull, just in case, but no. Perhaps she is in another cemetery. Jerri
Note: Huldas husband Charles Taylor is burried at Mechanics Cemetery.